Books Abroad is in the running to receive a share of £500,000 from the Just Transition Participatory Budgeting Fund. To successfully secure this funding, we need your help.
Promoting literacy, education and understanding to provide the means of a sustainable escape route from the plight of poverty, since it was established 40 years ago, Books Abroad has saved FOUR million books from going to landfill. The books have been sent to schools, colleges and libraries in developing countries, as well as local communities. Books Abroad aims to meet the worldwide demand for recycled books and our project is to upgrade our warehouse in Rhynie to a modern, net zero facility to encourage volunteers and the local community to use this eco-friendly, self-sufficient space.

You can vote for our eco-friendly project at All votes have to be in by 5.00 pm on Friday 13th October 2023.

Books Abroad staff outside warehouse