Mission Statement

Books Abroad promotes literacy, education and understanding, which provide the means of a sustainable escape route from the plight of poverty. We recycle pre-used books by sending them to schools and other institutions in developing countries. We should aspire to meet the world-wide demand for recycled books, whilst maintaining a quality level of service.

Education For All

Books Abroad believes that, in the long term, education is what is required to help solve the world’s problems. With the power to read and write, the children of today will have a better understanding of the issues surrounding them. Better communication skills will help them to avoid conflicts and resolve disputes of all kinds by negotiation.   Books Abroad helps anyone in need who asks, from any country in the world, regardless of race, religion or culture.

Books Abroad work is two fold:

  • Supplying books to educational establishments abroad
  • Building sustainable relationships for further liaison and learning for all concerned


  • Authenticity
  • Charity transparency
  • Accessible to all races / religions / cultures

Books Abroad aims to supply books to as many qualifying establishments as possible within our three year cycle. We aim to give back to the local community by providing inspiration and avenues for learning to local schools, as well as creating a community in itself at our warehouse and events, appealing to individuals looking to meet new people and be active on the non-profit scene.

Green Promise

Books Abroad aims to rescue and re-use good quality used books that may otherwise be disposed of as waste. The books are given a second life by sending them to schools and other educational establishments in developing countries. In addition to general recycling of office waste, badly damaged books that are unfit for this purpose, and other books considered unsuitable for sending overseas, are industrially shredded, which is then used locally for animal bedding or composting.

Large And Small Project Work

Over the years considerable experience has been built up through feedback from overseas schools, the main recipients of this greatly appreciated aid.

Achievements have included a new approach to distribution as trialed in the Zanzibar project. A constant search to reduce despatch costs and to ensure books reach their intended destinations saw a container load of books sent to Zanzibar in 2011, distributing 53,500 books with local help and with 80 schools being able to receive books as per their requirement.

Operational Costs

The Books Abroad office is manned by one part-time administrator, with all other members of the organisation working on a voluntary basis. Our main expenditure is the cost of shipping books to their new destination, however we strive for partnership working to reduce shipping costs and place a strong emphasis on local strategic partners to enable us to achieve our objectives, for example Rotary Clubs abroad, The Diamond Trust Bank and similar established organisations.  Our main income source to fund these costs is sourced through charitable trusts, supplemented by private donations and fundraising events.

Follow Up Audits

We undertake follow up audits to ensure we maintain a satisfactory level of service and continue to meet our objectives and the needs of the recipients abroad.


The constitution of Books Abroad is available to read here.