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Books Abroad is a registered charity, which aspires to support education in developing countries worldwide by redistributing carefully chosen, second-hand books.

Books Abroad willingly accepts book donations from schools, colleges, universities, libraries and the general public. We are still very much in need of children’s fiction and non-fiction for our school projects.

We are very pleased to say that our second hand book shop at 47 High Street, Banff is doing very well.

As the shop is quite small they operate a drop off slot system when receiving small book donations.

Please call Gary, our volunteer manager, on 01261 498080 to arrange a date and time. 

Shop usually open Monday to Saturday 10am to 3.45pm.

All good quality fiction and non-fiction are sold at bargain prices and any monies raised helps to cover the transport costs for our oversea school projects.

Saved from landfill :

In our 40 years in business we have saved 4 million books from going into landfill. We collect, sort and select books to meet the needs of each organisation and then despatch to the various schools, libraries and other institutions in need of educational resources. To date we have helped 3,850 organisations in 100 countries benefit from books that would have ended up in UK landfill.

From its base in Rhynie in Aberdeenshire, Books Abroad collects good quality second hand books donated by schools, colleges, universities and private individuals from across Scotland and some parts of England, and redistributes them to educational establishments around the world in response to specific requests for support.

What Books Abroad Has Supported To Date


“If you give one book to one child in the country, you give to the whole nation” Kennedy Mandaza, Tsatse Secondary School, Zimbabwe

“Books are very important to us for they help us to improve our language.  It is through reading books that people here in Zimbabwe are capable of speaking in English, enabling them to communicate with different people from different countries”.  Precious Mabhiza, Zimbabwe

“The fact that the books you sent us had a very wide variety has helped our children to develop an interest in leisure reading, which is beyond the traditional reference reading”.  W. A. Davis, Headteacher

“Through your partnership and support, one more child in the slums of Kenya will have access to precious reading material, something most of them only dream about”.  Emily, Christian Mission Aid, Kenya

“Education of the youth can only be guaranteed through the relentless efforts of good people like all of you at Books Abroad”.  W. A Davis, Headteacher

“Most people are educated through the use of books.  In our everyday life, people are being employed because they learn how to read”.  Precious Mabhiza, Zimbabwe

“I would like to thank everyone at Books Abroad for the invaluable support they have given us.  The books you donated are being used by our students, teachers and parents”.  W. A. Davis, Headteacher

“The gift will change the education standard in our school. We thank you all for such a gift of books.” Pope Mzumara, Mbuka CCAP, Malawi

Ways To Support Our Work

Books Abroad receives no government funding to support its work, depending entirely on successful funding bids from trusts and companies, as well as monies raised during fundraising events in local communities and from donations and membership subscriptions by our supporters.  All our operational costs are kept to a minimum.  The work to collect, sort, select and pack books to be sent abroad is carried out by our team of dedicated volunteers. We are also pleased to announce that we now have a second-hand shop at 47 High Street, Banff. As the shop is quite small they operate a drop off slot system when receiving small book donations. Please call Gary, our volunteer manager, on 01261 498080 to arrange a date and time. Shop usually open Monday to Saturday 10am to 3.45pm.

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