We were delighted to receive the following letter recently – it comes from the Deputy Head Teacher of the Katiyo Sacred Heart Primary School in Zimbabwe. This is what she wrote:

“We are extremely grateful for the ten boxes of quality and graded library books you donated to our school. Sincerely speaking, your generosity really means so much to me, but even more to Katiyo Sacred Heart Primary School pupils, staff and the surrounding community. Your personal and organisation’s commitment was incredibly helpful and allowed us to get closer to achieve our goal towards establishing a well-resourced and functional library. As a result, your donation will make an immediate difference in the education life of Katiyo Sacred Heard School children and the community at large. We thank you immensely for your kindness and unlimited effort to reach where there is real need regardless of the intimidatory distance that separates us.”

This type of response makes all our efforts worthwhile and spurs us on to continue the work we are doing towards our main goal – to alleviate poverty through education.