Diamond Trust – Various Projects, 2016

Books Abroad worked with the Diamond Trust to complete various projects in Kenya during 2016.

Porridge & Rice – Ngando, Nairobi, Kenya

Books Abroad provided ½ pallet (16 boxes) of books which were dispatched to join a consignment being sent to Kenya from Watford, England.

Glad Kids School – Kwangare, Nairobi

Books Abroad issued ½ pallet (16 boxes) of books to support project work at the Glad Kids School.

Sharing Christmas Project – Kenya

Books Abroad supported the efforts of Rebecca Crossley who, recognising that children in Kenya barely knew about Christmas, let alone celebrated it, had the idea to wrap individual Christmas themed books and gift them to the children for Christmas.

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1/2 pallet / 16 boxes

1/2 pallet / 16 boxes

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