St Andrews International Centre, Malta

Migrants and asylum seekers in Malta were congregating in the town centre, with no or few basic provision.  Elizabeth Lloyd took it upon herself to set up a church centre to provide shelter, food and education for the migrants and asylum seekers.

Books Abroad received a request to provide books to create an educational library to support the teaching efforts.  In response to this request, 1 pallet of books was issued and successfully received in Malta.

“Grateful thanks for the books you sent.  It’s a foundation on which to build a relevant resource library and I’m sure it will be well used by our students”.

“The President of Malta opened our church centre that has been set up to provide support to migrants and asylum seekers.  She was impressed with the library that has books donated from Books Abroad.  These books will greatly enhance our English language teaching programme.”

Elizabeth Lloyd

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Books Abroad SCIO
Elizabeth Lloyd, Malta


1 pallet / 33 boxes (475kg)

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