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Books Transform Lives.

Do you have a few hours to spare?

Would you like to help us to recycle knowledge?

Are you willing to help us transform lives overseas through education?

Books which would end up in landfill sites here can go on to a new valuable life in schools in developing countries with your help.

Why don’t you come and join our other dedicated volunteers sorting, selecting, listing and packing.

Become a part of this passionate team and see what challenges you can face and help add to the impressive total of books despatched by Books Abroad over the coming decade.

For further information please contact us or pop in for a visit during our opening hours.


Join us on our next ‘Mission’ for an exclusive itinerary into the area and its attractions, while gaining a unique insight into the lives of the people in our project.

You will also get the opportunity to challenge yourself in teaching a class or helping out with the students in one of the local schools.

All the while you shall gain first-hand experience into the work of Books Abroad and how that impacts the lives of these children and young adults in these developing communities.Books Abroad Volunteers in Mombasa

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