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Strawberry farmer in KenyaRecipient reference 59:
Youth For Change
Kenya - 2013

"Dear Gideon,   Thank you for the lovely story about the strawberry farmer. It is wonderful to hear that one book has changed someone's life for the better."

Strawberry farmer in KenyaRecipient reference :
Muluma Project
Malawi - 2014

The children holding their books from our mini project during spring 2014.

Recipient ref 60:  Jamadianle Nursery and Primary school - Cameroon - 2014

“We have received your books and they are being used by our children and teachers already. We wish to sincerely thank you and your organisation for this wonderful gesture. Through these books the culture of reading is being enhanced among our children on a daily basis.”

Recipient ref 144:  Shiroz Library - Kenya - 2014

“Just sending a thank you note for the books for our library. The books have been an immense help we go a lot of childrens’ books and the kids section is full of books to choose from.”

Recipient ref 783: St Andrews International Centre - Malta - 2014

“The President of Malta opened our church centre that has been set up to provide support to migrants and asylum seekers. These books will greatly enhance our English language teaching programme”. Photograph of the President opening the church group.”

Recipient ref 356:  Lamhara College - Morocco - 2014

“ I am totally aware of the financial difficulties that most of the countries are undergoing nowadays, including my country. But what is warmly amazing is to see that there are still some people who are absolutely determined to fulfil humanistic goals no matter how the conditions are, which makes us always be thankful and hopeful that the world is finally worth living in.”

Recipient ref 395:  Kindu Trust - Ethiopia - 2013

“I am writing this email to confirm the receipt of the 12 book parcels . Thank you so much for being our constant supporter. Our small library is expanding from time to time because of your unreserved support. I on behalf of the The Kindu Trust – Ethiopia staff am grateful for your generosity”.

Recipient ref 106:  Nankhwali Secondary School (Head Teacher)- Malawi - 2013

“Thank you very much for the books my school received. Your organisation has lifted up my school and the surrounding community. Nowadays my students and the community have come to use the library and read. Thank you very much for developing the reading culture in the community of Nankhwali”.

Recipient ref 341:   Tosontsengel First 10year School - Mongolia - 2013

“We are really glad that we received all 14 parcels of books safely on December 25th Christmas day. It seems like Christmas gifts for our school children who love the books. Soon we will send you the feedback forms.”

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