Books and their importance


These are some comments from pupils in schools who received books from us


01 December 2003

"Books are the mirrors of the world
Books are the mirrors of the life
They are the biggest treasure
that we could find in our hearts.
When you want to see some places
you just have to read some pieces of paper
which are called books.

Books, the golden knowledge which we want to have."

Precious Mabhiza

03 December 2003

"Books are very important to us for they help us to improve our language. For example English is spoken mostly in different parts of the world. It is through reading books that people here in Zimbabwe are capable of speaking in English and thus enabling them to communicate with different people from different countries. Most people are educated through the use of books. In our everyday life, people are being employed because they learn how to read. If you are sick and you cannot read and write, you are as good as dead."

Precious Mabhiza, Form 2, South Tsatse Secondary School, Zimbabwe


10 November 2000

"Books are every country's weapon, without which the country is weak.
Books are like the sun's light and they help people rise themselves.
Books are precious treasure and best friends of people. "

Ayla, Bulgaria

Books Aboard Comment:

Ayla's poem was the one chosen to help pupils design a Bookmark for BOOKS ABROAD for World Book Day 2000.

The winner of the competition was Julie Fullerton, New Aberdour Primary School, Aberdeenshire. Her bookmark matches the line of Ayla's poem:

'Books are like the sun's light and they help people rise themselves.'